Tony & Holly | Abernethy Chapel Wedding

Holly has always been one of those girls that dreamed of her wedding. She didn’t dream about the details: her dress, her colors, her flowers, or the cake, but about the man she would marry. I always adore stories of how people met especially if they had been friends for years. It’s been that way for Tony and Holly. He was by her side through thick and thin in high school. Even when they were miles apart, their friendship stayed strong. One day Holly’s heart was changed and her best friend became something more. He became her hearts desire. One she craved. So on that day, she truly followed her heart and let the day be  about them. Their story. Their love. It’s the ability to push all the details aside and focus on one another that makes their love strong. It’s what will get them through the hard times. Holly, I simply adore you and Tony. Thank you for giving me the incredible honor of photographing your wedding. I wish you and Tony the best and know that even if your miles apart, you will always always have your love that makes you so strong.


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